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Empire World

Empire World

The Empire Word project consists of these sections (Royal Villas, Royal City Apartments, Empire Wings Apartments, Empire Business Towers, Empire Avenue)

Royal Villas:

It consists of 300 villas with 3 different surfaces.

  • 320 m2 (four bedrooms – five bedrooms)
  • 400 m2 (four bedroom)
  • 340 m2 (four bedroom)

Royal City Apartments:

It consists of 32 towers and each tower consists of 10-12 floors,

The total number of apartments consists of 804 apartments consisting of 3 types A, B and C.

Apartments A and B are 175 m²

Type A, B consists of 11 floors, each floor contains two apartments with an area of ​​175 square meters consisting of 3 bedrooms, reception room, kitchen, two bathrooms, toilets and balcony. The last floor of the building consists of two floors (duplex apartment) with an area of ​​350 square meters.

The C apartments consist of 11 floors, and each floor has 4 apartments, with an area of ​​275 square meters. It consists of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, 2 balconies, and a duplex apartment on the first floor.

Empire Wings Apartments:

Consists of 26 buildings, 15 buildings will be placed in the western part of the project and 11 buildings in the eastern part of the Empire project, starting from 9 floors to 27 floors.

  • Studio (67)m2 – (132) apartments.
  • 1 bedroom (91-127)m2 – (396) apartments
  • 2 bedrooms (189-195)m2 – (1032) apartments
  • 3 bedroom (216-231)m2 – (328) apartments
  • 4 bedroom (377-383)m2 – (24) duplexes (type 1)
  • 4 bedroom (406-412)m2 – (8) duplex apartment (second type)

Diamond Apartments:

Consisting of 3 buildings
The types of flats are as follows:
• Studio (47) m2
• 1 bedroom (91 -128-121-114-109 -106-104-101- 97) m 2
• 2 bedrooms (169-184-181-178-173) m2

Business towers:

It consists of 5 towers, the first tower is located in the middle and consists of 27 floors, and the second and fifth tower are located on the sides of the first tower and consists of 23 floors with areas (91-123-148)m2.

for more information you can see this video
Empire Business towers & Empire Complex


Empire Diamond


Empire Wings

Royal City


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